Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. It is a mental condition present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the most common developmental disabilities. Based on recent studies by Canadian researchers.

– The prevalence rate of ASD is 1 in 68 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC).
– Autism is four times more frequent in boys than in girls.
– Only in Ontario, there are an estimated 100,000 individuals with ASD.

Yet most of the public, including many professionals in the medical, educational, and vocational fields, are still unaware of how autism affects people and how they can effectively work with individuals with autism.

The people with autism learn, and the rate at which they learn, can be totally different from others without autism. Therefore, those with autism sometimes need to learn things that we do not consider the part of learning.

Autism is not a mental illness and Autism is not caused by bad parenting. Children with autism are not kids who misbehave

Under the umbrella of Autism without Borders,  we offer Autism Awareness, Education and Support Services, Independent Living Training, Research and Development to help parents, caregiver and others.

Our Vision Statement: Early Years Matter to achieve best potential of child. Mission: Autism Awareness Programs for Health Care Providers and Children Care Givers and Training for ASD Screening and Referral for Diagnosis, Intervention, Rehabilitation & Follow up.

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 Internship Program Schedule of Sessions 
15th November Wednesday 10-11 AM
Introduction, making groups of students and Children Care givers.
 Session 1
11AM -12 30 PM
” Special Children Special Needs” Dr Azra Rafiq Consultant Pediatrician,Project Director ASM AWB
 Session 2
18th November Saturday at 10-12 Morning
” Early Years matter” (your Child Needs you) by Dr Azra Rafiq
 Session 3
25th November Saturday at 10-12 Morning
Dr Shaista Naz Assistant Professor Special Education Department Karachi University, Speech Therapist, Behavior Therapist
“Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of Speech therapists in assessing children with special needs and providing guidelines on preparation of intervention plans”
Session 4
2nd December Saturday at 10-12 Morning
” Speech Therapy its challanges and Solutions ” by Sir Naushad Senior Special Educator, Audiologist and Speach Therapist
 Session 5
6th December Wednesday at 10-12 at DEPD( Department for Empowering persons with Disability)
” Services of DEPD and how to get Disability Certificate ” by Jhamandas Rathi. Director Special Education Teachers Training
Visit of DEPD
 Session 6
11th December Monday at 9-10 AM at Sindh Government Children Hospital North Karachi
” Holistic approach in Children with Special Needs a Paediatrician Perspective ” by Dr Sidra Kaleem Developmental Paediatrician Paediatric Neurologist AKUH
16th December Saturday 10-12 Morning
Internship Evaluation and Certificate Distribution.

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